About Copenhagen Furnishing

Copenhagen Furnishing is the product of the skill, knowledge and experience of Niels Danbo, who has been in the business of providing designer furniture, custom-made solutions and unmatched functionality and aesthetics for more than 30 years now. Starting his career in textiles for homes, in the early years Niels worked extensively with bedroom and bathroom apparel.

Copenhagen Furnishing – Niels Danbo

Over the years he developed a great knowledge of fabrics and materials that drove his interest towards high quality furniture and design, and the business flourished. For many years, Niels was the manager at Schwarz Living in Østerbro, well known and loved for his dedication to customer service, and his ability to create custom designs and solving practical problems.

Copenhagen Furnishing – Project – A special Case

Copenhagen Furnishing is the essence of half a lifetime of dedication to serving customers in the best possible way, and the expression of highly developed professional and personal skill. Over the years, a strong network of brands, designers and collaborators has been chosen to help build and develop custom made solutions, and the focus is always to deliver an unmatched level of quality, functionality and aesthetic originality.

Copenhagen Furnishing – Project – Villa in Trørød

This is done by having great relationships with brands and partners, and by personal control and oversight of the delivery and handling of the product. Copenhagen Furnishing is about doing what is appropriate for any given situation, whether this means negotiating with contractors, disseminating knowledge about setup and products, or getting out the toolbox to help making sure the finish is just right.

Copenhagen Furnishing – Niels Danbo

A central aspect at Copenhagen Furnishing is the dialogue with the customer. To be able to create spaces that people love to live in, you need to know what they want and how they think. This is why Niels talks and listen to the customers for as long as needed. And apart from working out of the toolbox, this is what he loves most. He understands that dialogue is a central premise of human relationships, and is a strong believer that the customer should never be forgotten in the process of work. 

Copenhagen Furnishing – Projects – Great Northern

A friendly, honest and relaxed dialogue is at the center of everything he does. He is known for his humility, professional integrity, and understanding of quality and discretion.Copenhagen Furnishing works with projects of all types and sizes, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Copenhagen Furnishing – Projects – Villa in Trørød